C.S.R Info

Since its establishment in 1986, Hechang Xingye has adhered to the business philosophy of "integrity", "innovation" and "efficiency". Under the tacit understanding and work spirit of all colleagues, Hechang Xingye is constantly fast. Growth, however, in pursuit of the company's profit, Hechang Xingye will continue to carry out corporate social responsibility (CSR) related activities through daily management and many measures, and continue to implement sustainable business, with the following five points As a CSR commitment of Hechang Xingye:

  1. Comply with laws and regulations and actively cooperate with laws and regulations
  2. Integrity management, reflecting the responsibility of sustainable development
  3. Green products, reducing environmental pollutants
  4. Harmony between labor and management to create a quality working environment
  5. Caring for the community and encouraging participation in community activities