Power WTB

Power WTB product series is supporting the ion range of current rating of high power from 5A to 50A per pin for power system application, available in multiple circuit sizes and cable lengths, either dual or single row dispatch, pitch ion by 3.0, 4.2, 6.0 and 8.0mm, with optional mechanism configuration to secure product performance.

Market Application

Consumer & Home Appliance, Server, Storage, Switch, Networking, Datacenter & Automotive Area, such as Infotainment system

Technical Information

Product Variance

P-TWO P/N Pitch Type Row/Key R/A, V/T Solder Tail Pin Plating Packing Halogen Current Rating Temp
190001-XX021-30 3.0mm Board conn. Dual R/A SMT 2~24pin Matt Tin Carrier HF 5A -40℃~+105℃