SATA Connector

SATA connectors are designed to support up to 6Gb/s, enabling the implementation of low cost, high speed, high capacity hard disk drive (HDD). The connectors are SATA compliant and meet a wide range of vertical and right angle configurations for usage across server and storage equipment, HDDs and HDD carriers.

Market Application

Big data, storage, DVD-ROM equipment and enclosure application


1. The ground is designed to be connected first and separated last
2. The hold down or ear design can fix connector on the PCB
3. The chamfer and lead-in structure in the front end of mating side
4. Contact range from 7 to 22 pins
5. Backward compatible with 3Gbps SATA connector


1. Provide contact mating for hot plugging
2. Provide additional mechanical strength after soldering
3. Compensates for connector misalignment
4. Provide various interface to transmission (ex.HDD/ ODD)
5. Provide available data exchange from new device to existing device

Technical Information


1. Housing: high temperature thermoplastic UL 94V-0
2. Contact: copper alloy
3. Hold down or Ear: copper alloy
4. Ground: copper alloy
5. Contact finish: ive gold plating over nickel
6. Hold down or Ear finish: matte tin over nickel
7. Ground finish: matte tin over nickel

Electrical Performance

1. Current rating: 1.5A/pin
2. Voltage rating: 30V DC
3. Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ min.
4. Dielectric withstanding voltage: 500VAC
5. Contact resistance: Initial 30mΩ max. after stress 45mΩ max.
6. Impedance: 100 Ω ±15%, Rise time 70ps(20%~80%)

General Performance

1. Temperature range: -25°C ~ +85°C
2. Humidity: 40±2°C, 90~95%RH for 96hrs

Mechanical Performance

1. Mating force: Max. 45N(Backplane: 25N)
2. Un-mating force: Min. 10N(Backplane: 10N)
3. Durability: 500cycles
4. Vibration: 1μs max. by EIA 364-28 Condition V test letter A
5. Mechanical shock: 1μs max. by EIA 364-27 Condition H

Product Variance

Part Number Gender Pin Count Product Height(mm) Orientation Soldering Process Mount Type Package
121179-22303-3 Plug 22 2.9 Right Angle SMT Mid-Mount Tray
121169-22253-3 Plug 22 7.8 Right Angle SMT Top-Mount Tray
121037-22093-1 Plug 22 9.0 Right Angle DIP Top-Mount Tray
121032-22243-3 Plug 22 7.8 Right Angle SMT Top-Mount Tray
121039-13251-1 Plug 13 5.4 Right Angle SMT Top-Mount Tape & Reel
121038-13221-3 Plug 13 5.4 Right Angle SMT Top-Mount Tape & Reel
121184-07173-3 Plug 7 8.35 Vertical DIP Top-Mount Tray