0.8mm pitch Floating Type Board-to-Board

P-TWO's 150045/46/50 series are 0.8mm pitch floating type Board-to-Board connector system consisting of plug and receptacle with two rows contact. This connector is designed for applications that required for high density and high reliability interconnect with high pin count and surface mount termination, such as infotainment in automobiles and OBC in EV and PLC module in I&I. P-TWO offers both Vertical and Right Angle type, which total mating height up to 20.75mm with multiple position. A unique design for floating range of +/-0.5mm in X, Y and Z direction, which make it resistant to vibration.


1. Floating range of +/-0.5mm in X, Y, Z-direction.
2. Transferring data support USB 2.0 and LVDS
3. Product with Cap and packed by Tape & Reel
4. UL 94V-0 flammability rated high temperature housing material
5. RoHS compliant and Lead-Free


1. Tolerated misalignment during SMT process or mating, and also improves overall contact reliability during vibration.
2. Supports most of automotive application scenarios.
3. Consistent with automatic installation process
4. Meets re-flow production process
5. Meets requirement of environment, health and safety

Technical Information


1. Housing: high temperature thermoplastic (UL 94 V-0)
2. Contact material: copper alloy
3. Contact finish: optional ive gold plating, based plating over nickel

Electrical Performance

1. Current rating : 0.5A
2. Voltage rating : 50V AC
3. Insulation resistance: 250V DC
4. Dielectric withstanding voltage: 250V AC for 1 minute

General Performance

Operating Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +105°C

Mechanical Performance

1. Mating force: Max. 1.5N / contact pair
2. Un-mating force: Min. 0.1N / contact pair
3. Durability: 30 mating cycles

Product Variance

Part number Product side Product type Product pitch (mm) Pin count Plating Spec Mounting process Packing Mating height
150045-xx041-3 Plug Vertical 0.8 80 Gold over Ni SMT Tape & Reel 20.75mm
150046-xx041-3 Receptacle Vertical 0.8 70 / 80 Gold over Ni SMT Tape & Reel 20.75mm
150050-xx041-3 Plug Right Angle 0.8 70 Gold over Ni SMT Tape & Reel
150067-xx041-3-30 Plug Vertical 0.8 30 / 40 / 60 Gold over Ni SMT Tape & Reel 6.0mm
150069-xx041-3-20 Receptacle Vertical 0.8 20/30 / 40 / 60 Gold over Ni SMT Tape & Reel
150068-xx041-3-30 Plug Vertical 0.8 20 / 40 / 60 Gold over Ni SMT Tape & Reel with 150069 series