EasyLock FFC/FPC Connector

EasyLock FPC connector supports high speed signal transmission speed and power for automotive infotainment system and data communication application. Connector pitch is 0.5mm. FFC/FPC can be auto-locked when inserts EasyLock FPC connector. Capable of twice SMT soldering process.

Market Application

For consumer market: LED-LCD TV, Ultra HDTV, Panel, Home theaters, NB, Tablet, DSC/DV, Handheld device, Smart home, IOT module, Gaming machine etc.
For automotive: Car Infotainment, Dashcam, ADAS application etc.
For industrial: POS, KIOSK etc.


1. One action to lock
2. The design fulfill power and high speed signal
3. There are two inspect windows on the top of housing
4. Fitting nails have spring option
5. Two-sided lock buttons on the top of housing /
One press plate above two lock buttons
6. Unique Lock mechanism


1. Suitable for robot manufacturing
2. Accommodates USB 3.0 5Gbps & V-by-One US 16Gbps & eDP & USB4 transmission speed
3. Check the position of FFC/FPC from the window, AOI is available
4. With grounding function option
5. FFC/FPC can be auto-locked when inserts the connector.
Press both of lock buttons at the same time/ press plate above lock buttons then easy to pull out the FFC/FPC
6. Provide better retention force for FFC/FPC
(less pin counts have higher performance, e.g. 4P>2Kgf )

Technical Information


1. Housing : high temperature thermoplastic (UL 94 V-0).
Black(standard), white(optional)
2. Contact : copper alloy
3. Fitting nail & Lock pin: stainless steel
4. Contact finish: optional ive gold plating over nickel
5. Fitting nail finish: matte tin over nickel
6. Lock pin finish: matte tin over nickel

Electrical Performance

1. Current rating: 0.5A/pin
2. Voltage rating: 50V DC
3. Insulation resistance: 500MΩ min.
4. Dielectric withstanding voltage: 500VAC
5. Contact resistance: 80mΩ max.
6. USB 3.0 impedance: 90 Ω ±15%, Rise time 50ps(20%~80%)
7. V-by-One US impedance: 100 Ω ±10%, Rise time 24ps(20%~80%)
8. eDP impedance: 100 Ω ±10%, Rise time 130ps(20%~80%)
9. USB4 impedance: 85 Ω ±9 Ω, Rise time 40ps(20%~80%)

General Performance

1. Temperature range: -40°C ~ +105°C
2. Humidity: 40±2°C, 90~95%RH for 96hrs
3. Salt spray : 35±2°C, 5±1% density salt for 48hrs
4. High temperature life: 90±2°C for 96hrs
5. Cold temperature life: -40±2°C for 96hrs

Mechanical Performance

1. Mating force: 60gf/pin Max.
2. Un-mating force: 5gf/pin(≧31P)Min. , 10gf/pin(≦30P) Min.
3. Durability: 30cycles
4. Vibration: 1μs max. by EIA 364-28, 24 hours for each direction
5. Mechanical shock: 1μs max. by EIA 364-27 Condition A

Product Variance

Product Series Pitch(mm) Product Height(mm) Rating Current(A/Pin) Orientation Contact Position FFC/FPC Cable Thickness(mm) Unlock Type GND Function Automotive Application
131001 0.5 3.3 0.5 Right Angle Bottom 0.3 Two Side Press With GND NA
131003 0.5 3.3 0.5 Right Angle Bottom 0.3 Two Side Press With GND Available
131004 0.5 3.3 0.5 Right Angle Bottom 0.3 Two Side Press Without GND NA