Employee Benefits

Performance-oriented pay system

  1. Salary plus year-end bonus。
  2. Employee annual dividend。
  3. Patent invention bonus。

Perfect Welfare system

     Better than legal benefits

  1. The company set up an employee welfare committee in February 1988 and raised funds in accordance with laws and regulations to plan a comprehensive welfare system。
  2. Employees receive benefits for marriage,childbirth,death, and hospitalization
  3. Employee on-the-job training and language learning subsidies
  4. Provide semester scholarships for employees' children
  5. Provide three festivals (Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival) and birthday gifts
  6. In addition to enjoying labor and health insurance in accordance with government regulations, the company also provides employees with full participation in group insurance to take care of employees.
  7. Provide winter and summer uniforms
  8. Arrange employee health checkups every year
  9. Give senior staff medals and praise with thanks

Employee life care

  1. The company provides specialized training classrooms with well-equipped hardware facilities
  2. Set up a recreation room to provide fitness equipment, billiards and billiards supplies
  3. Arrange various welfare activities, such as: company dinner, department dinner, birthday party, family day
  4. Organize domestic and foreign tourism and year-end party programs every year to make life richer
  5. Purchase startbucks Starbucks coffee beans and provide employees with freshly brewed coffee
  6. Employee dormitories are provided to provide convenient accommodation for employees from other counties and cities.
  7. Employees restaurant, free lunch and dinner
  8. Provide special stores across the province for employees to enjoy discounts
  9. Set up a library and encourage employees to set up reading clubs
  10. Special offers for various products from time to time