Focus on issues

Communication channels and response methods


1. Corporate governance

2. Operational performance

3. Sustainable Development

4. Risk management

News/Breaking news

Holding the annual shareholders meeting and publishing the annual report

The company website and public information observatory disclose relevant financial and accounting information

Irregular lectures or press conferences

Speaker Mr. Zhan Chaogui (brad.chan@p-two.com.tw )


1. Products and Technology

2. Information Security

3. Customer Communication

Enterprise official website

Regularly attend customer supplier conferences

Regular customer audits and evaluations

Miss Cao (helen.chao@p-two.com.tw )


1. Supply chain management

2. Supplier communication

Regularly hold supplier meetings to communicate with suppliers on the status of cooperation

Regular Supplier Audit and Evaluation

Irregular supplier price negotiation and exchange

Ms. Zhu (jill.chu@p-two.com.tw )


1. Employee benefits

2. Labor Relations

3. Staff opinions

Internal emails irregularly announce various employee benefits, welfare committee information, education and training information, etc.

Welfare committees of various departments collect opinions and give feedback

Employee performance feedback

Ms. Lin (angel.lin@p-two.com.tw )


1. Regulatory compliance

2. Information Security

Regular education, training and publicity of various legal compliance matters

Participate in industrial unions and industrial zone associations to maintain good interaction

Audit Office Mr. Zhang (gary.chang@p-two.com.tw )