USB type C

USB 3.1 Type-C connector is the future of USB technology providing multifunction single cable solution for data, power, audio and video. The small form factor supports the evolving design trends. The reversible design enables quick and easy connections no matter which way it is inserted. It supports scalable power delivery up to 100W with performance speed up to 10Gbps. P-TWO offers right angle dual SMT type USB 3.1 Type-C, which data rate meets Gen-II specification (10Gbps). The application is ideally for consumer, data and industrial market.


1. Meets USB 3.1 specification
2. Supports SuperSpeed communication up to 10Gbps.
3. Reversible plug and cable orientation.
4. Robust and small form factor design
5. Full metal shielding
6. UL 94V-0 flammability rated high temperature housing material
7. RoHS compliant and Lead-Free


1. Mating interface follows USB 3.1 Type-C specification
2. Shorten data transited time with meeting future trend
3. Ensures quick and easy connection whichever way it is inserted
4. Suitable for application in thin platform and I&I market
5. Better protection from electromagnetic interface (EMI) and electrostatic discharge (ESD)
6. High flammability rating for better flame retardant effect
7. Meets requirement of environment, health and safety

Technical Information


1. Housing: high temperature thermoplastic (UL 94 V-0)
2. Contact material: copper alloy
3. Shell material: stainless steel
4. Contact finish: optional ive gold plating, based plating over nickel
5. Shell finish : nickel plating overall

Electrical Performance

1. Power current : 5A
2. Low level contact resistance:
3. Initial 40mΩ max. for VBUS, GND and all contacts
4. After initial measurement 50mΩ max.
5. Insulation resistance: 100MΩ min.
6. Dielectric withstanding voltage:
7. 100V AC for1 minute


1. Operating Temperature Range: -55°C ~ +85°C
2. Storage temperature & humidity : -40°C~ +60°C, 85% RH

Mechanical Performance

1. Mating force: 5N to 20N
2. Un-mating force: 6N to 20N (after durability)
3. Durability: 10,000 cycles

Product Variance

Part Number Product Orientation Description Pin Count Product Height Gold plating thickness options Shell Type Package
123007-24241-3 Right Angle Receptacle, Dual SMT 24pin 3.61mm G/F DIP Tape & reel